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Creating Real Wealth on Your Terms
Let's face it... 

Our businesses tend to be cash-eating monsters.

Our personal lives suffer because business takes over our time.

Both our business and our personal financial stories get SUPER messy.

And... when we finally get the cash register to ring and cash is rolling in - business just gets harder and the personal side gets pushed down farther.

At least that's our story... We didn't even realize we were only 1 mishap away from financial disaster!



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Your Hosts - Amanda and Brandon Neely

We’ve been in your shoes! After opening the business of our dreams—a coffee shop in Chicago’s South Loop—we thought we had things made. From the outside, everything looked great. Not only was our business growing, but we were also making a difference by selling ethically-sourced coffee and providing a neighborhood gathering place.

But the truth was, we were standing on a financial cliff with an all-too-clear view of the abyss. Our savings were gone and we had made financial mistakes. We were scraping by.

It wasn’t until we saw a documentary on the truth about banks and how they REALLY work that we realized what we needed to do. We scheduled an appointment and went from financial insecurity to building a stabilized net worth.

The true test came when our coffee shop flooded. The cost of repairs would have bankrupted our earlier selves, but with our new financial strategy, we were ready!

Adopting Grandma’s Wealth Strategies changed our lives and we want to share the same transformation with you.
You're already in the self-employed game with all it's ups and downs, pandemics and prejudice.  

Do you want to sing your grandkids a story like this?

"Strike 1 - COVID-19
Strike 2 - Discrimination
Strike 3 - _________ [fill in the blank for whatever comes next]
And we were out of the whole ballgame."

It's time to learn the strategies to dominate 
and get prepared for Strike 3.  
Step 1: Setting up a game plan
Hate those debt payments? Never enough income? Assets that don't correlate to your efforts?  Maybe it's because you need a strategy so that you don't end up working so hard with nothing to show for it.
Step 2: Changing the way the game is played
Contrary to popular opinion, on the road to wealth, no coupon clipping is required. You can't shrink your way to wealth. Build on what Dave, Suze, and your CPA have taught you with the time-tested wisdom they aren't willing to share
Step 3: Winning YOUR unique game
Your journey toward wealth is unique.  You have your own unique hopes and dreams. Those shouldn't be squashed by a recession, the ups and downs of the Wall Street, or big business taking over Main Street. It's time to breakthrough to a smart, stable financial future.
If you want certainty and confidence with your money, this FREE Advanced Training is for you!

Yes, this training really is "advanced." We're not regurgitating what you've heard before. Don't worry, we'll make it simple to implement and make sure you find a "win" within the first 15 minutes.

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